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Default Re: Prosecutors to seek indictments on vick

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
As stupid and diserving as Vick is, I'm not a fan of the government double dipping. I think if the Feds run a case against you it should cover all charges and the state should not be able to indict for charges similar or involving the same crime.

I agree with you on the state prosecuting when the Feds already have a conviction (sometimes the Feds have to come in when the Stae screws up its case, which I agree with under those circumstances), even though it is constitutional since the State and U..S. are dual sovereigns and the concept of double jeopardy does not apply.

But in this case, Poindexter is simply enegaging in PR to cover his sorry mishandling of the case before the Feds took over. Any state sentence will run concurrrently with Vick's federal sentence. IMO Poindexter intentionally went in the tank did such a rotten job of presenting the more serious state charges to the grand jury that they refused to return an indictment on those charges that might have resulted in serious state time.

Vick will never serve a day beyond whatever sentence Judge Hudson imposes on the federal charges.
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