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Default Re: Prosecutors to seek indictments on vick

Dan's right....Poindexter is tilting at windmills right now because he's embarrassed at how sorry a job the local authorities did on the whole matter. They came across as bumbling, provincial, and small-town, and Poindexter is smarting from it. He seems to think that these indictments give him credibility. Glad as I was to see Michael Vick punished for such an awful crime, this new round of charges smells of piling on.

That said, the Virginia indictments are focusing on the animal abuse aspect of the crime, where the federal indictments focused on the gambling and interstate commerce aspects. Animal abuse is a serious crime in Virginia, hence the possibility (but definitely not the likelihood) that Vick could face five years in prison for each count of cruelty and torture.

I agree with Dan. I'd be surprised to see Vick serve any jail time beyond his federal sentence, although that sentence will probably be extended in light of the failed drug test.

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