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Default Re: Romo asking for $30M guaranteed

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
I might get stones thrown at me, But quite honestly I wouldnt want the steelers to give ben 30 million in guarantees at this stage of his career.
The thing is, though, Ben already has a Super Bowl ring and is showing signs that another is on the horizon somewhere down the road. So the case can be made, based on his career record, that he should be paid more than Romo.

I have to think the Cowboys are going to balk at that $30 million figure. I mean, how many games has Romo started? He's not exactly battle tested, and he was responsible for the fumbled snap that lost their playoff game (notice how everyone has conveniently forgotten that debacle?).

To quote a typical mutual fund prospectus, "past performance does not guarantee future results," but IMO Ben's Super Bowl ring and a 37-12 won-loss record as a starter (including post-season) are together worth more than Romo's fumbled snap and handful of wins. I guess it remains to be seen where the salary bar ends up being set.
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