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Default Re: Romo asking for $30M guaranteed

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I think the first round salary signings are slotted, meaning the #15 pick almost always will get less than the #10 pick (which is what messed up Brady Quinn after everyone missed his view that he was really a #1 pick who happened to slide to #22 but still should get top 5 pick money.) That is why you always seem to have the delay in first round signings as someone needs to go first and set the market price that year.

After that, initial contracts for first round picks go 4 (Troy) to 5 (Ben) years to amortize the signing bonus.

The NFL needs to go to a separate cap for rookie signigs but that would hurt the agents and top players who (along with Goodell) are the colllective masters' voice for Gene Upshaw and the sham union called the NFLPA, which does nothing for rank & file players or retirees.

I believe no top shelf QB has ever left his team in the prime of his career since the cap came in, but someone soon is going to demand a bust the bank contract that some mid- to small market owner will refuse to pay. IMO Ben & the Rooneys are on the short list of QB-owner tandems for which that may occur.
Thanks for the info. Something definitely needs to be done, or the NFL is going to go the way of Major League Baseball. The NFL can't keep ticket prices as low as MLB can because of only playing 16 games as opposed to 161 games. If it gets much more out of hand, no one will be able to afford to go to a game, and the NFL will find itself in a world of hurt.

Can you imagine what next year's #1 is going to get... especially if its Brohm?
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