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Default NY Times - Short Leash On Starting QBs

Interesting NY Times story on how many starting QBs have been dumped 3 weeks into the season which ties QB roulette to most head coaches knowing it is a win now or get fired attitude by most owners.

Failure, injury and the occasional federal indictment ()have combined in the first month of the N.F.L. season to reshape the quarterback landscape with breathtaking swiftness, creating a turbulent tableau for nearly half of the 32 teams. For the most scrutinized position in sports, the leash has never been shorter, the hook never quicker. The old saw in the league is that the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town. Now, we are seeing more of them than ever.

And this may be the first time in a story on QBs where Ben has been placed as being in a similar position with Brady & Manning (calm down LITP, I am just quoting here)

?Jacksonville and Cleveland are the most bizarre,? said Paul Hackett, the Tampa Bay quarterbacks coach. ?You kind of go, ?Wow!? ? ...?There may be 10 untouchables,? Hackett said, singling out Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. ?The trend is, ?What can you do for me right now?? ...

The former Giants quarterback Phil Simms blames coaches? indecision, in part, for the turnover and the pressure from the news media, fans and owners to win quickly, which inevitably filters down to the most important player.
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