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Default Re: NY Times - Short Leash On Starting QBs

My list of 'safe' QB's - guys who will be starter right through to a potential Superbowl barring injury - are:

Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
John Kitna
Carson Palmer
Brett Favre
Eli Manning
Tony Romo
Donovan McNabb
Jay Cutler
Matt Hasselbeck
Matt Schaub
Phillip Rivers
Marc Bulger
Ben Roethlisberger
Vince Young
Alex Smith
Chad Pennington
J.P. Losman

By my count thats alot more than 10 QB's who are guaranteed to start barring injury - though, its my own list - would anyone disagree with any of those names?

Even though some of those guys aren't challenging for MVP, there either isn't a viable back-up on the roster or they've committed their immediate future to the younger guy (who is probably a high roud draft pick).

I don't really agree with the general thrust of the article - that teams are getting less patient with their QB's - the point is, it is fan's patience that is paper thin...not the guys making the decisions.

Grossman had not just been out of form for 3 weeks - he was awful for the majority of last season - most fans and media outlets continually asking why Lovie Smith has so much faith in the guy - then as soon as he is dropped we get an article proclaiming him to be a victim of some kind of knee jerk coaching decision!!

Leftwich has a very public falling out with his coach - its hard to start a guy who has disrespected your coaching decisions in the past - thats just unworkable.

The nonsense about the McNabb 'whispers' regarding him being dropped are absolute nonsense - he remains one of the best QB's in the NFC, if not the NFL - moving him out and shipping untried rookie Kolb into the lineup would be career suicide for any GM/HC.

You can bet your last dollar that 3 or 4 games into the Kolb 'experience' that Donovan McNabb would suddenly be one of the most popular players on the roster with the fan base.

Fans are fickle - its the FO's job to see past that and make the right decisions; not make the decisions that pacify fans with the attention span of the average goldfish.
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