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Default Re: Bengals paying for draft miseries

That is one pretty darn good analysis.

I like the Bengals to be good for one reason, and one reason only: it means that when we meet the game will be much better, and it will be much more satisfying to beat them. If the Bengals suck, I might decide to skip the 52-3 pasting that I know we'll give them, plain and simple. I might decide to do household chores, for example.

So, go Bengals, for the increased satisfaction of cutting the pins out from under them when they think they're getting good.

As for the Pats, I don't think about them at all, unless they are the next game on the schedule. What they do against other teams is irrelevant, all that matters to me is what happens when we play them. I think that both we and they know that anything less than the "A" game will bring a loss. Like a tropical depression forming in the Caribbean forms into a major hurricane, Steelers-Patriots is starting to look like it will shape up into the premier game of the 2007 regular season.

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