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Default Re: No asterisk necessary

In my humble opinion, at this point in time, you cannot take the record away from Barry. Absolutely nothing has been proven and, as of this date, accusations are not proof. When and if they do prove anything, my opinion will change.

And, as a World Champion Natural athlete, that means polygraph & urinalysis for all performance enhancing drugs including caffiene, steroids, growth etc., I have to disagree that "Any athlete will take whatever advantage science and technology will give them."

Elbow pads, weight room, hydration drinks are all tools that any sane athlete should take advantage of. And, they are not "...trash..." at all. Don't let your biased opinion blind you from things that help to protect an athlete from serious injury. (Why have helmets?)

That being said, I think Hank was a better Home Run hitter, and obviously a more likeable person. Barry is and was a better all around player. I've read a few books on Barry, and the opinions of his colleagues are not pretty.

As a side note, when I was about 6 years old, I witnessed Hank hitting a Home Run, into the bullpen, vs my Dodgers. My brother & I Booed him, only to be scolded by a lady in front of us. I responded, "He's not on my team." I remember that moment!
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