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Default Re: What to Do - Root For Pats or Bengals?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I have a different view. Since the Bengals always decide that they don't need to show up for 3-4 weeks after a big win, I'm going to (and I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about typing what I'm about to type) get behind the NFL's criminal element for tonights game. NO, not the cheating criminal element, the real street criminal element.
You definitely are on the same page as Michael Wilbon's take today on the Bengals

I think the Bengals have a shot in these kinds of HUGE GAMES because they play to the moment. They're not the brightest bunch and if they win tonight they're likely to go out and drop three of four because their concentration wavers and they're not great with detail and consistency. But they like a big fight. They like the Monday Night lights and the stage. No way I pick against the Patriots, but I can see an upset, yes. It wouldn't shock me. I don't think, by the way, the Pats are going 19-0...Their schedule is too hard, starting tonight.
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