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Default Re: What to Do - Root For Pats or Bengals?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I'm calling my shot here. Pats are overwhelming favorites, the criminals are in disarray defensively, and it's all but predetermined that the Pats win by 28.

Cincy wins tonight. You heard it here first. The Pats suffer their first loss tonight in Bungaltown.

(Eh, what's the worst that can happen? I'm wrong? So what! It'll be great if I'm right)

unless its a simple, fluke, act of God, miracle like the browns dismantling of the ravens, i see the patriots winning big time by the 4th. and i doubt they will pull any starters. its become a strange form of fun redemption for them to run up the score on opponents.

bunglethugs could be pissed that hitman goodell gave the patriots 4 extra days to study the tapes of their retard d. cood breshneshan scratching his balls on the sideline, and decide to come out and take matters into their own hand (no pun intended).

should be interesting
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