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Default Re: What to Do - Root For Pats or Bengals?

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
What's better for the team is all I care about.

I really don't care about some stiff and his cheating ways (cheating the game and his own wife), nor do I care about the 2001 newly formed bandwagon fanbase that follows. What can you do? Belicheat's reputation is tarnished as far as I'm concerned and so are the Patriots Super Bowl 'wins'. But what can you do? It will be known in generations to come.

I want what's good for this team. I want a Patriot win. I'll take a divisional boost. Win the division first and then worry about the side shows and other B.S.

I care first and foremost about my Steelers (see original post).

If we won the game yesterday, then I would be rooting for the Bengals.. as i would be more worried about home-field advantage. But that one loss, this early in the year, with the teams we have to play against... yeah, I now want the Bengal loss.
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