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Default Re: Should bruschi retire?

I agree, I think as a linebacker he is overrated a bit. But he does make up for it with his other attributes. I think alot of it is Bills system. And he does get the most out of his players.
As far as other teams being lucky to have him? Maybe most teams, but not here in Pittsburgh. We have some of the best linebackers ever. Year after year. And not to take anything away from Teddy, but he wouldn`t start here. He is not fast enough to be a Steeler linebacker, Vrabel couldn`t start here when he was here. Although I might put Vrabel on the underrated list, I like his game.
As a family man I would just hope Teddy made the right choice, I`m sure he does have plenty of options out of football. And I`m glad they caught it before it was to late. Tou probably know more than we do about it, but I still can`t believe they never new before that he had a hole in his heart. These are professional athletes, they get physicals all the time.
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