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Default Re: No asterisk necessary

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
A) "Nothing has been proved". Actually, yes it has. Empirical data is observed data, and the growth (his head growth alone is enough) that Barry Bonds has experienced is beyond what being a simple gym rat could ever provide. I would welcome any kind of logical scientific explanation for what has been well documented OTHER then steroids or other unnatural growth substances, banned or otherwise.

B) As for my comment about "trash", I'm, of course, not referring to the above board methods that modern athletes employ, such as hydrating drinks, lifting, etc. Bonds employs many means to enhance his game, some less savory then others. For more information on his "simple elbow pad", read here. The author believes it alone was responsible for a significant amount of his HR's.

C) Is Bonds the better all around player? Yup. But, again, Mr. Pumpkinhead tainted his whole career by screwing up the last 7-8 years, and his legacy will be rightfully based upon how he ended, not how he started.
By rules of the game... proved means that steroids were found in the bloodstream (urine stream, whatever). It hasn't been proved... he keeps the record, without an asterick.

Second he gets caught... the record should be pulled.
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