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Default Re: No asterisk necessary

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Look, the bottom line is that only a very tiny percentage of people actually hold on to the hope that somehow Bonds just skipped a process that normally takes a million years and genetically mutated spontaneously or whatever fantastical excuse they have for what happened to him, but the rest of are just calling an ace an ace. The dude juiced, he artificially extended his career, and he set a record he would otherwise not been able to obtain. It's tainted by the majority of popular opinion, and that can't be debated.
Yes. The majority does feel that way. I can't blame them. I really am not too sure myself. If he came out tomorrow and said, "I juiced all the time. It was great. My teammates helped. We made a day out of it." I would not be surprised at all.

That doesn't mean we can condemn him. It is UNJUST to brand this ball until that day. That cannot be argued.
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