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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

pretty hilarious that this thread got a quite worthy bump.
the best deep threat available is r. moss. the best player who could have the biggest impact in the pats offense is r. moss. the team who has the most to offer is the pats.

i'll just put this lesson on your tab.
hmmmm. and to think the tab for the lesson still hasnt been paid. go figure.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post

As for your growing obsession about the Patriots requirement for a 'deep threat' .... I can't understand where you are getting it from.

You are the guy with the tired 'dink and dunk' schtick regarding Brady's successful passing offense - now you are telling us that because we have traded away a guy (who specialised in medium to short routes) we now suddenly have a burning need for a speedy deep threat?

Sorry, thats just illogical.

what you call "obsession" and "schtick" and "illogical" is what we simply call football accumen and the elementary understanding of basic fundamentals and principals...

theres a trove of football knowledge in this thread. especially now that hardwork is gone. always entertaining to read his infinite words of wisdom though.

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