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Default Re: Phillip Leaf and Ryan Rivers

Only Norv Turner can take a team that talented and make them into a loser.

It ain't Phillip's fault that they don't like talented wideouts and that Turner doesn't run the ball in the second half.

I think the only way the Chargers would get Marty back is if they fired the GM. It's the GM's fault Marty is even gone. The GM wanted to appoint Marty's head coaches. The GM wouldn't even let Marty have an opinion on who was drafted or signed in free agency.

What AJ doesn't understand about being a GM is that the head coach should be allowed to have an opinion on that stuff. The head coach deals directly with the players every day and with the assistant coaches. Once contracts are handed out, the GM is basicly out of the picture, they don't make any on-the-field desicisions.

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