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Default Re: Tracy Fired

JimMac, I'm with you 95%.

First off, I'm not a Tracy fan. IMO, there is NO REASON for that team to be as bad as it was this past season. There were times I was wondering if the guy was still breathing. Hell, Tracy could be a great manager if he had the Yankees or Red Sox, but he wasn't good here. Like I said and please keep this mind, I was not expecting this to team to crack .500, but I did not expect us to stink as bad as we did. I believe Tracy deserves some blame. Plus, when you get a new GM, he wants a new managing staff, perfectly understandable if you ask me.

Second, I'm of the very strong belief that I don't care who you put in there, nothing is going to change. As long as Nutting is writing the checks this team will completely suck. Fire the GM, fire the manager....hell, fire the bat boy, I do not see much changing as long as Nutting holds the wallet.

Finally, I'm sure we will hear come April.......

"Well, we cleaned house, we are ready for that playoff push!!!!"

Hell, I'm willing to bet we don't crack .500. I see nothing changing. Once again, as long as Nutting holds the wallet. Until Nutting sells to an owner who wants to win, I have very strong doubts. Can you blame me? When I hear that the Pirates have sold to an owner who is willing to spend, then I will get excited. Until then......same old, same old Pirates.
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