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Default Re: God Hates the Yankees

Originally Posted by j-dawg View Post
i remember a tribe team two years ago giving the yankees a run as well... with 1/4 of the yankess payroll... sure the yankees have their history and their championships... but the indians have the stronger bullpen THIS YEAR and the yankees are bowing out in the first round.

Honestly I could care less about the tribe giving the Yankees a run 2 years ago. If coming close to the hated Yankees makes them feel better than congrats.There is always some team that has to give them a run and their pay roll, ( a few teams aside) will inevitably always be smaller. The end result was the Yankees did not win it all which is a failure to the organization and its fan base.

The Yankees believe it or not are in a rebuilding stage this year and keeping all of their young talent to once again make a strong run at yet another dynasty. They have made this commitment and still remain competitive. Which while is a tremendous achievement but falls short of the ultimate goal which is currently #27.

No doubt the Indians are having a tremendous run and they have a good pen. Alot is to be said to the way they have committed their organization to the development of youth and putting a good team together. Those two pitchers they threw out there in the first 2 games are studs. If they go on to win this series I wish them luck .
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