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Default Re: Michigan Fans! Weekend gatherings...

We are not in a position to win the big ten, however, the PSU/MSU game is a huge rivalry.

MSU is the school that got PSU in the big 10. George Perles former coach of the Steelers under Chuck Noll was coach at MSU and because he knew Papa Joe and also knew PSU was also a land grant school, he (and many others from all schools in the big 10)lobbied for PSU to join the big ten. They got voted in and now MSU and PSU play one another at the end of the season, the winner gets to house the Land Grant Trophy. MSU was the first school to be a land grant school. My bets are on MSU to win that game.

MSU is a basketball school and the football team usually is no good:) Maybe some day we can be both. Until then I am for anyone Michigan plays except when they play MSU.
I hope OSU kicks their butts as usual!~
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