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Default Re: God Hates the Yankees

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
They are evil. Need proof? The Tribe was unable to touch the evil Yanks pitching tonight all game, but God called in a plague of Canadian Soldier bugs into the Jake, which distracted Satan?s pitchers and hitters and allowed the powers of good, who seemed to be much less affected by the swarm, to triumph.

By the way, I expect some fringe Canadian group to come out of the woodwork and demand that the name of the bugs be changed after getting national attention during the game and on Sportscenter. Canadian Soldiers is a derogatory term, because they only live for a day or two and appear to serve no purpose. In truth, they are also known as the Fish Fly (they stink like dead fish), June Bug, or May Fly.
being a red sox fan. I can tell you not to count the skankees out until the final out
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