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Default Re: Batch gets the nod against the Clowns

Originally Posted by ATENEARS
Seriously, you guys sound scared ... praying, hoping ... writing gay letters. Enough said.

Hey Clevestinks, whats with your banner? Those aren't tackles featured, those are passive hugs. At first glace you have to re-check your manhood ... and WTF, you have more Cleveland Browns pictured on that banner than you do Steelers players?

Let me guess, your big brothers were all big bad Browns fans and they use to pound the crap out of you on a daily basis, so you started rooting for the black-n-gold to despise them? ... and we know, we know, your wife is a Browns fan too ... Ugh! such closet sitting.
I think my response to you would be better suited for the Blast Furnace. The Banner was made by one of the better members of this site, Thank You. The letter was in fun, Thank You. And with all our injuries each week we hold our breathe, not because its brownie week.
My wife would probably kick your ass for calling her a brownie fan. If you were man enough to have a wife she to would be a Steelers fan.
What in the hell does NE Ohio football country mean. I know your not talking browns football, because you guys are pathetic. Once again. You do have the Pro football HOF in Canton, whre there are way more Steelers than brownies, and mre Steelers to come. You may be talking of StIgnatius, who usually gets beat by Erie Prep annually.

You havent been around here long, you dont know me at all. But living in NE ohio, we can meet. Everyone is a bad when typing on a keyboard! Bring it on! Bring it on!
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