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Default Re: Seeing coach Noll

Originally Posted by OneForTheToe View Post
For those that couldn't see the game, Chuck Noll was at the game, and honored by the Steelers. Fox showed the very end, where he was walking off the field, with a picture of Tomlin applauding. Honestly, it gave me goose bumps even through the TV.

To anyone that attended the game: What was it like at the stadium?
It sent chills through me as well, especially when they cut to Tomlin (the Steelers future) applauding Coach Noll (the Steelers past). For those of us old enough to remember when Coach Noll was around Coach Tomlin's age when he arrived in 1969, the image of Coach Noll hobbling across the field stirred a lot of emotions for me, not only related to memories of the 70s Steelers.

I hope Fox was correct when they said the Stadium roared when Coach Noll appeared.
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