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Default Doesn't Remind Me of Anything....

Doesn?t Remind Me Wartime
Friday, 07 October 2005

AUDIOSLAVE's current hit "Doesn?t Remind Me" ? Top 5 across all rock formats in the U.S. ? is an expression of hope and the longing for personal transcendence against the backdrop of the world's uncertainties. For the song's video (Real Media, Windows Media), AUDIOSLAVE teamed with director Chris Milk to create a compelling piece which subtly addresses the current U.S. political climate and shows how war can tear life apart in a split second with one devastating change. Set in Philadelphia ? the birthplace of the United States ? the video focuses on a family coping with the absence of a father who?s fighting in the war overseas and the young son?s pursuit of a boxing career.

AUDIOSLAVE lead singer Chris Cornell says, "The bigger picture is that the culture of violence at home breeds a culture of violence abroad, and there's a price to be paid for that. And that price is the loss of lives and families destroyed. And to sum that up in a three and a half-minute video is something that was pretty incredible."

Tom Morello, the band's guitarist, notes, "We were all against the war from the very beginning and now I think you're seeing more and more that Middle America is turning against the war for reasons that are described in this video. The real human cost ? the human tally of this awful war ? is shown in a very humanistic way. It personalizes this tragedy that's happening halfway around the world but with a pretty universal message."

The "Doesn't Remind Me" video ? taken from the multi-platinum, critically acclaimed band's #1 album "Out of Exile" ? was added immediately to MTV, VH1 and Fuse in the U.S. Cornell says the band decided not to appear in the video whatsoever, as that "would only take attention away from how amazing the story is."

AUDIOSLAVE ? known for Chris Cornell's stirring vocals, Tom Morello's innovative guitar and the razor-sharp rhythm section of bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk ? are currently on their first full-scale North American tour. On this trek, the critically acclaimed band are performing songs from both of AUDIOSLAVE's albums ? the current "Out of Exile" (Interscope/Epic) and the band's self-titled five-million-selling debut ? along with selections from the group?s previous groups (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, SOUNDGARDEN and TEMPLE OF THE DOG).
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