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Default Re: Doesn't Remind Me of Anything....

The video for Audioslave's current single, "Doesn't Remind Me," follows the story of a Philadelphia family in which the father is fighting in Iraq while his son back home harbors dreams of becoming a boxer. Singer Chris Cornell said that actually getting the video made was a struggle for the band. "It's a video that the record company didn't want to make,? Cornell said, ?'cause they didn't want to spend money on a video that they didn't think people would play and that the band is not in, and it's ended up turning around to be the exact opposite. For a rock band, this video is getting played more than anybody."

Cornell added that the video reflects current anxieties about life during wartime. "It has overtones,? Cornell said, ?of a story that's happening right now in this country where we have to deal with the reality that young children are losing their fathers or their mothers or, you know, their brothers for something that I don't think anybody agrees with at this point is a very smart idea or ever was a smart idea."

"Doesn't Remind Me" is from Audioslave's second album, Out Of Exile, which arrived last May.

The band's current North American tour brings it to Tampa, Florida Monday (October 17).
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