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Default Re: Batch gets the nod against the Clowns

Oh No, not the 'blast furnace!' Brrr ... sends shivers down my spine just thinking about visiting that rat hole.

Since you live here in Football Country, why don't you grab a couple of your fella's and I'll fist fight five of ya at a time.

You mean to tell me that you use to be a Browns fan or are one of those idiots that talk about respect for both teams and are a fan of both??? LOL, I hate those type of pansies. I hope Ben plays and I hope we end his career.

Are you guys mad because I caught ya over here being scared of the lowly Browns? Seriously, I'd rather have you guys over-confident - not all scared and making excuses already before you even lose.

I'm interested in seeing what Droughns and our back-up-by-committee will do against a good run defense. We used a kid off the practice squad to spell Droughns last week ... but I ain't making any excuses, this young pup is going to out-gain Droughns this week. Dilfer has been terrible at times, but I expect him to shine in this game. He will throw a pick, but he will get the ball delivered and we will kill you with runs after the catch. Our defense is primed for some big turnovers. They have been sound so far this season, but haven't taken over a game yet. I hope they play loose and expose Batch for his time off. I think Batch actually thinks he did well last week and you all seem eager to pat him on the back ... but this week he will fall hard and get back on track of his losing ways.

The Browns win win this game.
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