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Default Re: Batch gets the nod against the Clowns

Originally Posted by ATENEARS
Man, you guys are really scared aren't you? Seriously, one post after another with a sheepish attitude and excuse list. Aww, poor Charlie batch is gonna start, Whaaa! Geez, toughen up a bit already. We don't care who is starting on offense, it ain't your QB that we are going to spend the week game planning against. We need to score. Our defense will make things very difficult no matter who's carrying the rock or who's under center. We have all kinds of potential that we have only touched the surface on offensively. Braylon Edwards is gonna have his break-out 170-yards receiving and Droughns is gonna run it down your turkey necks. Northcutt is gonna return two punts and the Browns are gonna happy dance all over Heinz field.

This is an attitude game and the Browns are gelling. Good night.
If you really think that the Brownies wouldn`t be worried or game planning Ben if he were to play? You must be drunk, high, or just plain stupid. Are you from another planet? Ben has had the highest QB rating in the league most of the year. I actually feel bad for you, if you need a tutor for football let me know, I can teach you some football , history, plays, lingo, then maybe you can impress the ladies for once. I`m real serious right now, all joking aside, Were you drop on your head at birth? I`m serious this may explain your lack of knowledge when it comes to football. Don`t be mad, if this is true I won`t make fun of you anymore! Well maybe not.

For everyone interested. I work with at least 20 brownie fans that have come up to me this week and said "We might have a chance without Ben playing against us" But this one moron says that Ben sucks and wouldn`t need to be accounted for.

Wow, atenears you are so smart! We are no match for you! LOL
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