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Default Re: Charlie Batch vs Brian St. Pierre

As far as needing time to get in a rythym, Maddox actually got his big break when he came in off the bench to pull out the Browns game in September 2002 and ended Kordell's reign as the starter. Of course, with the fans (including me) screaming to dump Kordell there was no pressure to perform back then and Maddox had a great run for most of 2002.

From what I read, Maddox had issues with Ben's status from the time he was drafted. When Maddox had his "I'll show them I can still be a starter" moment against Jax the pressure to get it done apparently was too great and it fell apart right away.

To echo prior posts, I was one of those against "wasting" a position to hold Batch on the team, figuring Maddox could handle any backup requirements - shows once again the coaches have a clue and I don't when it comes to personnel decisions.
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