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Default Class oozes from one of videogates former players

Someone please remind McGinest that he doesn't play for the Patsies anymore he now plays for the Clowns. Someone also remind him that he still has to play us again and he ought keep his mouth shut. This is the type of players Belicheat turns out.....Classless pigs.

McGinest cheered by Patriots' fans

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. The Patriots buttered up Browns linebacker Willie McGinest on Sunday.

The ex-Patriot's body language as he waved to the crowd said the applause went down nice and smooth.

If he goes into the Hall of Fame, he won't request that an orange helmet be fitted over his bronze bust. He played in New England for 12 years, a member of four Super Bowl teams.

He's Brown enough that his teammates elected him a captain. But it was clear after the game that the Patriots have not left his blood.

Someone had the gall to suggest Pittsburgh might have as many offensive weapons as the Patriots.

"Pittsburgh's not even on the same level as the Patriots," McGinest sniffed.
"You put those weapons around a guy like Brady ... "

Tom Brady threw for 265 yards and three TDs. No. 1 running back Laurence Maroney wasn't missed because Sammy Morris ran for 102 yards. Superstar wideout Randy Moss mostly got double-covered, but former Round 1 pick Ben Watson, a tight end, caught six passes for 107 yards.

Patriots fans never stopped cheering McGinest, crowding around the tunnel as he ran off the field there for perhaps the last time in his career.

"Coming back was nice," he said a while later, "but who wants to come back to a whupping?"

WINNERS Willie McGinest (right) was a key part of Coach Bill Belichick's three Super Bowl wins with New England.
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