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Default Re: It's Clowns Week

Originally Posted by ATENEARS
<<< When was the last time you had a qb that was any good? >>>

I hate QB?s, they?re gay, but I?ll play along; Otto Graham, (AAFC, 1946-49; NFL, 1950-55) ? at least, I heard he was good and his stats pretty much out-shine every QB before and since. Funny thing is, after that, we have sucked ? but still lead the over-all series 55-50 against the little red-headed step-child from Pittsburgh.

<<< When was the last time you had a coach that was any good? >>>

Ah, we haven?t been as bad in the coaching category as say the QB category ? but we sure seem to be the roots to your coaching pool and certainly not vice-versa. Pssst: That?s where the ?Football Country? blurb has meaning here.

<<< When was the last time you had a team that was any good? >>>

Late in the year in 1999 we were a juggernaut and I laughed like hell when you lost to our stupid expansion team that was thrown together in about 8-weeks. Not only do we lead the series against the Squeelers, but the 51-0 beating that we gave you in 1989, couldn?t even be matched by you even in our first game out of the gate that expansion season.

<<< When did you last have a player make the pro bowl? >>>

I believe it was 2002. Makes ya sick that you lost to us in 1999, 2000 & 2003 huh?

<<< This is how pathetic brownie fan is. They still think that The Afflac Goose, a.k.a. Bernie Kosar, was a hall of fame QB.>>>

I hated Bernie ? as I?ve already told you, I hate QB?s. I can spot a lame QB from a mile away ? Big Ben is over-rated. I?d take Bernie over him.

<<< You coming in here and insulting the members is kind of childish, wouldn`t you say. I would gues you to be about fourteen , based on your comments. Maybe thirteen. >>>

If I told you that I was male teenager, your not going to show up at my doorstep with a racquetball, a strong rubber band, and three feet of rope are ya?

Damn, and people think Steelers fans live in the past.. u cant even come up w/ a credible team or players or coaches that even did anything remotely great THIS century !!

Just becuz u have a probowler or 2 doesnt make them great... and just because we lost to you now and then doesnt make you great either so please dont go there...
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