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Default Re: God Hates the Yankees

Originally Posted by steelerbackr4life View Post
I am so sick of hearing the best team that money can buy b.s. The Yankees through out history have endured many rule changes with the game involving player personnell mostly designed to impede their dominance. These changes go all the way back to the creation of the draft . Designed to stem the Yanks operations of advanced scouting to aquire talented players that other teams chose not to spend the money to even find. Up to the present revenue sharing situation in MLB today , which the Yanks voluntarily commited millions of dollars to this past year alone so that other "less off teams" could stay competitive. Is it their fault that most of these weaker teams did not spend this money to better themselves? What about the problem of other teams raising the ticket prices when the Yankees are in town just to squeeze more cash out of the working class and line their own pockets?

The organization is commited to doing whatever it takes to win. If the owners choose to spend money on their team to do that instead of putting it all in their pockets than that is their perogative. Whether that means trading for a player like Krod who was signed foolishly by another organization who overpaid him and then realized they couldnt afford him then had to cut expenses. Or keeping their home grown products by signing them to big deals when it is their turn to file for free agency.

If the Yankees have ever been guilty of anything it is of providing their fans with the best possible product they possibly can to give their fans a WINNER! Whatever happens today in the Bronx one thing will remain the same. The N.Y. Yankees have won 26 World Championships and no other team in the history of Profesional sports can say that!

Great post, I'm sure the same people who bash the Boss and Yankees for spending money on players the way they do would love it if George sold the Yankees and bought their favorite team and did the exact same thing. Why people trash Stienbrenner the way they do is beyond me all the guy is trying to do is win. Not to mention how much help the other teams get from the luxury tax. By the way he is playing with in the rules unlike some sweatshirt wearing cheaters.

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