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Default Re: God Hates the Yankees

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
If the MLB REALLY wanted to "impede" their dominance, there would be a salary cap. That's plain and simple. Also, buying off free agents rarely works. Ego's, contracts, endorsements, the press, lack of unity, there are a hundred reasons why teams who just toss cash around almost never win now. Anaheim, Detroit, Florida, even St. Louis don't spend anywhere near the cash that Steinbrenner does.

And, no, I would not prefer any of my teams to simply outspend the competition, and not just because I know it doesn't work. There is something inherently "right" about watching a team being built right before your eyes, through good drafting, a great farm system and very selective use of free agency.

A-Rod is a great example. His contract alone is worth about 40 million more than the entire Indians payroll, and outside of a largely meaningless solo shot, he sucked in this series. There are probably 4-5 players on the Indians roster who are actually more valuable than A-Rod, and they proved themselves when and where it counted.
Great post. I guarantee you that if the Bankee$ didn't consistently screw every team in the league by blowing the FA market to hell every year by overpaying for every FA imaginable, and actually built from within, there would be a whole lot less hatred for them outside the metropolitan New York and Boston areas. It's the one thing that many Bankee$ fans simply do not understand, and instead jump right into defense mode whenever someone questions their free-spending ways. Only the Bankee$ would spend $28 million on a washed-up Roger Clemens, then cut him from the postseason roster.

Good luck with K-Rod next year, Bankee$ fans, because even IF he decides to void his contract, there won't be another team in the league who will pay him $30 million a year or more, so he'll probably be wearing pinstripes and sucking in the postseason. Again.
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