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Default Re: Mack Strong retired due to pinched nerve suffered during Sunday's game

The following is a quote from a post I made on this site about two years ago in the weeks before SB XL.

You all will probably laugh to at the mention of him in the same thread, but we in Seattle have a tremendous affinity for Mack Strong. While I am in no way comparing him to Bettis in terms of what he has accomplished in the NFL, we love him because he's been here forever, he's always been a stand up guy, and he works his butt off blocking for the likes of Alexander. And he has never gotten any attention outside of the Puget Sound for this until he made the Pro Bowl this year, his 13th season.
If I were to pick a single guy who I thought represented the Seahawks, I would vote for Strong. He is a guy who always gave his best effort. He didn't seek attention. He didn't whine about not getting many touches. He did what he was asked to do as well as he could. He's one of those rare guys who played his whole career for one team. And he did it quite honorably. Props to you guys for recognizing he is a respectable man.
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