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Default Re: Chukki Okobi out in Arizona.

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Whiz and Grimm were also here when the guy never stepped up to the plate to replace an aging Jeff Harting. Whiz and Grimm were also paying attention when this team needed a center and instead of 'expecting' Okobi, this organization went out and signed Mahan. Then, Okobi went to Arizona I believe he was the 3rd option at center (behind Johnson and Hodel). The guy was not even considered a second string center in Arizona.

This decision was inevitable if you ask me, so no I'm not surprised.
i'm not sure if you got my point or not....but anyhow i was getting at.....whiz and grimm had years to evaluate okolbi and decide if he's starting material. okolbi gets a new fat contract WHILE whiz and grimm are still here. don't you think if whiz,and grimm DIDN'T , think okolbi was the center of the future, they would have let someone know thier opinion on resigning the bum? but yet he gets the contract which lead everyone to believe the position was secure after hartings pending retirement. do you think they had no say in personel decisions? did cowher and the FO disreguard thier opinions on players? okolbi himself even said if tomlin hadn't gottin the job he'd still be in pittsburgh.
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