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Default Re: steelers horrible on 3rd down defense

how many long drives have led to success against the steelers this year? not many. quite a few have led to turn overs. the longer the offense is on the field the more likely they are to make a mistake, especially if they are not running the ball.

the 3-4 zone blitz has been around for a while and teams know what is the most effective way to beat it. ball controll and running it down the steelers throat is not the most effective. quick strike and big plays are. sure conventional wisdom says all teams wanna put together 13 play drives and controll the ball for 35 minutes. its easier said than done. this really isnt the formula for success against the steelers. steelers defense is usually more disciplined than other teams offense and the steelers have always had great back ups to rotate in and out to keep the defense fresh regardless of the length of the drive. polamalu didnt look too tired before or after he ran back a fumble 77 yds for a td.

there is no excuse to constantly give up 3rd and 10's to the opposition, especially when a team is next to last in total defense and giving up more than 20 points a game. this is not the case of the steelers though. theres also no ecuse to throw only 68 yds in a game or have only 11 passing attempts either (unless the team is winning)

remember, steelers defense only got beat once this year. by the patriots. thats not even counting the clock or randel el debaucle. in their other loss the defense was off the field.
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