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Default Re: Cowher?s surprisingly candid on camera

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
his teeth are downright creepy. and youre not off the mark at all. someone mentionned a few weeks ago said he seemed like a natural. and he does. of course im biassed cause i thought he always came off as extrememly likeable on camera. but so far on the set he has been funny, witty, opnionated, and he dont hold back or sugar coat anything.

he did a film break down segment that was as good as any you will see in a a pre game show. for the 2 or 3 minute segement he stood up and without any notes, or a teleprompter, and totally reverted to coach mode. he didnt stutter, stumble, forget a word or point, or have to say "uhh". it was precise and direct. he is definitely not shy of the camera and he brings a ton of chemistry to a set that was comprised of ex-players. i wouldnt be too suprised at all if he went the jimmy johnson route and decided to make this his 2nd career. he's got the staying power.
Good for him. It looks like he is enjoying himself. It's refreshing to hear an honest opinion instead of the sugarcoating while wearing the (insert team name here) sunglasses. *coughs* Hoge.
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