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Default Re: The Legend of Romo?????

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Several weeks ago I posted on the dilemma of whether I wanted the Bengals or Pats to lose their game. I am facing the same issue this Sunday for Cowboys-Pats after reading nonsense like this (excerpt and link below):

Romo's endorsement potential a 'perfect storm'

Tony Romo has a Texas-sized heap of motives to beat the New England Patriots on Sunday. Just for starters: keeping the Dallas Cowboys unbeaten, establishing their bona fides as Super Bowl contenders and atoning for his five-interception game in Buffalo.

His agents are geeked for him to have a great day, too. It would keep up the momentum in their drive to build Brand Romo. He's already on the move as a commercial force. His No. 9 jersey is the fifth best-selling of all NFL players. It's the top seller among kids. He's done TV commercials for AT&T in Texas and nationally for Diet Pepsi Max (though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the star of the spot) and ESPN's "SportsCenter."

And, according to his marketing representative R.J. Gonser of Creative Artists Agency, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

"It's the perfect storm with Tony," Gonser says of Romo's endorsement potential. "You've got the cachet of Tony being quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and being a dynamic person.

At least Brady & Peyton have accomplished something - at this point Romo is nothing but hype.
One hell of a PR firm wouldn't you say?? Don't let the fact that he just threw 5 pics and pretty much looked like Rex Grossmans retarded little brother get in the way of a great marketing campaign.

Proof that if enough knuckleheads like Tony Cornheiser say something the majority of people are stupid enough to believe it.
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