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Default Re: The Legend of Romo?????

The hype continues:

Amazing? Improbable? Meet Tony Romo, who's ready to meet New England
By Gene Wojciechowski
Dear Bill Belichick:
I'm sure you'll devise some defenses to mess with Romo's mind, and you'll do it with a better secondary than the patchwork (but tough) group the Bills were forced to use. That's your specialty.

But don't underestimate Romo. If nothing else he is a survivor. He survived North/Eastern Illinois. He survived being a no-name free agent. He survived the depth chart wars. He survived Bill Parcells. And Monday night he survived six turnovers.

"My confidence doesn't waver,'' he said later. "That's one thing I learned with Bill and everyone else. Wade says it all the time too. You got to keep going.''

You and the Patriots are next. So the question becomes: Are you ready for some Romo? Because I guarantee Romo will be ready for you.

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