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Default Re: Bungles Strike Again!

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
I don't agree at all. If the players aren't going to go to college to get an education, why waste their and everyone else's time? It's not like they need a college degree to play football. Let them go straight out of high school if they so choose.
Very simple - an 18-year-old kid's body is not fully physically developed (besides the rare LeBron James). They can get by with coming out of high school and going straight into the NBA, but in a collision sport like the NFL, it'll probably get them killed.

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
As a fan it isn't the greatest idea, but why should colleges waste time and money on people who don't want/need to be there?
Very simple - $$$$$$$. Considering how many millions of dollars some of these schools make just for appearing in a bowl game (much less winning one), it's not that hard to figure out.
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