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Default Re: Bungles Strike Again!

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
I don't agree at all. If the players aren't going to go to college to get an education, why waste their and everyone else's time? It's not like they need a college degree to play football. Let them go straight out of high school if they so choose.

As a fan it isn't the greatest idea, but why should colleges waste time and money on people who don't want/need to be there?
Because the NFLPA and NFL have a collective bargainig agreement that you cannot go pro until three years after your high school class graduates - Maurice Clarett tried to challenge that and lost.

I agree you almost always need to be in your early 20s to match up physically in the NFL, but it is not as if a player has any choice but to wait.

The colleges are not wasting money on these guys - they are making huge money off these kids and paying no salaries other than room & board.
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