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Default Re: Browns Fans list of favorite Pittsburgh Steelers

damn that probably took a browns fan longer to write than a thesis paper during finals week.
what a bitter bunch they are. im suprised art rooney wasnt on the list for packing up the team and moving them out of the burgh. since we are sharing admiration of the other team i too like some browns:

tim couch- to this day the browns still look like an expansion team
winslow jr.- whether you approve the war or not we gotta support our "souljahs"
all the denver browns- who will actually show up and play for a contender.
quincy morgan- see denver browns
william green- takes a left hook to the side of the head as well as anyone
trent dilfer- his fantastic quote proves what steeler fans have known all along:

"We showed really good resolve," Dilfer said. "We pumped each other up. All week in practice we had our pom-poms and skirts on and we were cheerleaders for each other." =priceless!!

honorable mention goes to all the browns players who will show up sunday and take their ass beating like a good little cheerleader should, and dont get any ideas about any hanky panky in the bathroom stalls in the locker room.
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