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Default Waaaa you can't do that

Are you kidding me. What is up with Wade Phillips and all the crying. That is why they call it icing and believe it or not Wade it does work just ask Vanderjerkoff.

Phillips calls NFL office

Wade Phillips said he called the league office Tuesday to complain and said he wants the NFL to change the rule that allows coaches to call timeouts just before a field-goal attempt.

Buffalo coach Dick Jauron tried to rattle Cowboys rookie Nick Folk by calling timeout just before Folk kicked a 53-yarder.

Folk then drilled a second kick for the game-winner as time expired.

"It's unfair to the kicker to have to kick it twice, no matter what happens," Phillips said. "I think you should be able to call timeout, but it should have to get to the umpire or the referee so they can stop the play."

However, Phillips said he would use it to his advantage if the situation happens again.
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