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Default Re: Have Steelers surpassed your Expectations

Apparently the one time Noll actually fired up the team was after Oakland beat Miami in the 1974 playoffs. After that game Larry Little of the Dolphins said "the two best teams in football played today," and Madden said "when the best play the best anything can happen."

Noll then told the team the week before the Oakland game that `Well, they're not the best. The best team is in this locker room. And neither one of them is going to be in the Super Bowl."

Joe Greene went nuts, the Steelers beat the Raiders the following Sunday in arguably the most significant win in Steelers history, and the dynasty was born.

Otherwise, this Noll quote Tony Dungy has passed along to Peyton pretty much sums up Noll's low key approach - "'Pressure is something you feel only when you don't know what you are doing."
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