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Default Re: Best Steelers Defense Ever!

They can susbstitute that article for the old image of the egg frying to describe "this is your brain on drugs"

Here is what the 1976 Steelers did in their last 9 games of the 1976 regular season

Cincinnati Bengals 23- 6
at New York Giants 27- 0
San Diego Chargers 23- 0
at Kansas City Chiefs 45- 0
Miami Dolphins 14- 3
Houston Oilers 32-16
at Cincinnati Bengals 7- 3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42- 0
at Houston Oilers 21- 0

For those keeping score at home, that is 5 shutouts (3 consecutive) and 3 other games in which the other team did not score a TD.

I know there is a tendency to idealize the past, but this team may have 4 Pro Bowl defenders (Hampton, Smith, Troy & (maybe) Taylor). The 1976 Steelers had 8, including the entire defensive backfield.

Comparing the 2007 defense to the 1974-76 defense is laughable.
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