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Default Re: "heinz field hop"

You know I just may be getting old, but what ever happened to acting like you've been there before when you do something positive in sports???

F'ing young punks and thier ESPN highlight reel mentalilty.

I remember laughing at that dueshbag Mark Gasteno (sp?) during a monday night game when the Jets where down bigtime and this idiot gets a sack late in the game (read garbage time) and he goes into his song and dance then one of the opponents walks up to him and simply points at the scoreboard . . . perfect!!!

But now everyone is doing it. Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson was cool because he was original, but from the Ichy shuffle on its like damn people act like you've been there before.

Man that crap drives me nuts.

Just my $.02
aka Grumpy old man
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