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Default Marv brings in motivational speaker

Marv should have sent the team to a "scared straight" program. I wonder if Marv brought in Saturday Night Live's motivational speaker himself Matt Foley

Bengals notebook
'It's Your Ship' author: All hands on deck important

The Bengals are trying to right their ship after a poor 1-3 start.

To that end, head coach Marvin Lewis called on a motivational speaker who turned one of the U.S. Navy's least productive vessels into one of its top performers.

U.S. Navy Captain Michael Abrashoff, author of "It's Your Ship," spoke to the Bengals in a team meeting Monday.

Abrashoff, captain of the USS Benfold, had struck up a friendship with Lewis after Lewis had read the book. Quarterback Carson Palmer gave Lewis the book after he had received a copy from his father, Bill Palmer. He read it after hearing that Patriots coach Bill Belichick bases much of his philosophy on the book.

The full title is "It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy."

"He was able to bring it to an understanding level where we could interact and ask questions," Lewis said.

Players got the point.

"I think his biggest message was he made everybody feel important," Carson Palmer said. "He talked about the guy on the ship that dealt with all the sewage and how if he didn't do his job, the whole boat suffers. Whether you're a special teams guy, a backup DB, whatever it may be, everybody's important and everybody needs to feel important. ... They all took ownership of it and all came together as a team to reach their goal."
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