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Default Re: Davenport is getting arrested

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
There is nothing here. As someone correctly pointed out, if there was the SLIGHTEST bit of evidence that a 240 lb. man touched a woman, he'd have been jailed. This is now a matter of money. The woman hired an attorney on contingency, and that lawyer put as much pressure as he could on the police department. It's all about the money now. Davenport will be fine, but his wallet will be a lot lighter when this is all over.
i know the law in ohio says that police must determine the aggressor to make an arrest.. but they are generally going to side with the woman if they feel there was a mutual altercation and take the larger threat away.. usually the 240 lbs man accused of punching the woman. nothing is really adding up from what i have read and heard that would lead to an arrest.
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