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Default Re: Porter barks at K Winslow II.....again

and its Funny you even Mention this Nonsense on a Steeler Board... your Still all on his " Privates begging for more. Its not enough to Say best of Luck and Focus on the players who are playing now?

You hipocrites will say one thing and change your toon the next. Bashing A former Steeler? Might as well talk about Greg Lloyd and Kevin Green. I mean why not?

Lol where does your Loyalty Lie? this man Stepped up so big in 05, Basically got us past indy( a huge reason ) andyou have nothing to do better than bash a former Squad Leader. your all Haters and I wish you lived in Cincy where this would be proper... People from the Burgh dont Talk like this..... Get off the Boards Hater's/Trolls. I read this and dont have any reason to respect your Future posts.. Im sure it will be more ranting/bashing/Fair weather Fan Mumbo Jumbo...
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