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Default Re: Porter barks at K Winslow II.....again

If i Felt like Chilling out and watching Porter get bashed lol i would. But im not gonna watch Blatant Bashing, of Former Team Leadersand just allow Hypocrites to go Unchecked... Not sure thats the word but its so weak that you would give your heart cheering for a player then when he gone talk behind his back. Go Bash Plaxico .. would make a little more sense least he had a reason for leaving pittsburgh ( Too many drops) Porter did nothing but Spark our Squad and win us a Championship... you Bash Porter You Bash the Steelers. and you say your a Fan or our Organazation, Prove it, Thank them for Drafting J port and Sparking our Defense/ TEAM to a Championship and many Playoff appearances during his Tenure.... GO BASH COACH COWER. Fair Weather Flip Flop Fair weather Fans. Go root for the Pats. They have a Good record... WHY ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT MIAMI BEING 0-5... ???
Makes me sick to my stomach watching people blather on here about Ex stars Who bleed for the... Dooing that tells me your not a Brother in this great steeler Nation. Cause We dont Bad mouth People behind there backs.
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