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Default Re: Davenport is getting arrested

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The incident was last week before the bye so it is hard to see how this would not have occurred unless Davenport is locked up after practice. He needs to get the lawyer who represented Santonio last year and start writing checks.

If he did it he should do time and be suspended - if this was a Bengal we would be all over Davenport on this. Just because NFL players have $$ does not mean they have s**t for sense.

You are absolutely right. The league should step in and give him AT LEAST a four game suspension. This is AT LEAST as serious as roid use. However, in this type of situation, which is not as cut and dried and VIck and the dogfighting... I also would like the league to wait until there is a conviction.

However, conviction here MUST equal a suspension.... by the Steelers if not the league.

And at THIS point... if the police are prosecuting, I would suspect that he is guilty.

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