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Default Re: Have Steelers surpassed your Expectations

I can't believe how well the cover 2 has worked when they've done it. It felt alien to watch, not seeing linebackers flying in on the QB, but it was incredibly effective.

I'm very impressed. The list of who I'm concerned about in the AFC has shortened considerably from last year. I'm almost looking forward to the Ravens game, and as badly as they beat us last year, that's really saying something.

The Pats game will be an absolute brawl. The Colts will have their hands full with this new blend of Tomlin and Labeau, I think.

Not worried about the West as much as the last 2 years. Denver is struggling badly and the Chargers aren't as deadly as the last couple of years, it seems, and we beat them then. Sophomore slump for Rivers, I think.

I'm between 11-5 and 12-4 for the team, and that's saying an awful lot about how great of a job Tomlin is doing already.
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